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Welcome to Lily's Place​

Our Mission

At Lily's Place, our mission is to provide medical care to infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and offer non-judgmental support,
education and counseling services to families and caregivers and our community.
Together we can create healthier families and help end the cycle of addiction.  

Death By Chocolate 2022

This year, Death By Chocolate has options!

Our live, in-person event will be Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 7 to 9 p.m.  at the Guyan Golf & Country Club in Huntington.
We will have lots of desserts to indulge in, good company and musical entertainment. Tickets can be purchased below.

Additionally, we have Death By Chocolate Boxes, "Boujee Boxes" created by Cheryl at Sweet Street Bakery.  Order one for yourself or someone else you would like to treat and feel good knowing you are helping our moms and babies get off to a better start.  Boxes can be ordered below.

Thanks for helping us in our efforts to create healthier families and end the cycle of addiction. 

Death By Chocolate 2022

Join us for an evening of fun, desserts and live entertainment.
All proceeds will benefit Lily's Place and will support us in creating healthier families
and helping end the cycle of addiction.  For tickets or more information
call Ryan at 681-432-0600 or email [email protected] 
Tickets can also be purchased through the button below.

Click Here
for Tickets

Death By Chocolate Boxes 2022

The Death By Chocolate Boxes are an assortment of delicious treats, created by Cheryl at Sweet Street Bakery.  It contains a breakable chocolate heart,
cake pops, truffles and more! Perfect for yourself
or someone you want to treat! 

The boxes can be picked up at our Family Center at 1235 6th Avenue, ​Huntington, WV on Friday, February 11, or we can deliver them that day in the Huntington area.  Click below to purchase, or if paying by check, you can call Ryan at 681-432-0600 or email [email protected]

Click Here
to Purchase

Welcome to Lily's Place

Be a Bestie!

Lily's Place is looking for
Besties to support us with a monthly donation of $10. 
With this donation, you are making an immediate and long-term difference
in the lives of infants and families in our community.
Want to Be a Bestie? 

Click here to learn more about how to Be a Bestie!

Thank you for partnering with Lily's Place! 

Support the work of Lily's Place today!

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Little Me by Rebecca Crowder

Little is special in many ways. But when being little isn't easy, it's hard to feel special. Rebecca Stanley Crowder, a Developmental Specialist for WV(Birth to Three) with a master's degree in special education, created Little Me to help her children, Alexander and Cora, to appreciate that God had them where He wanted them, right then. Little Me will help your children appreciate that being little is right where God wants them, right now.

Paperback: $10       Hardback: $15
Proceeds from Little Me go to Lily's Place.

Click Here to Order

The Lily's Place Tee​

Purchase a shirt to show your support of Lily's Place! 

Click here to view our store page.

 Lily's Place: Saving the tiniest victims

 Check out this short video highlighting our work!

Lily's Place: A Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Center

Mailing Address

PO Box 2
Huntington, WV 25706


Lily's Place
P: (304) 523-5459

F: (304) 523-8341

Lily's Place Family Center - 

P: (681) 432-0600

F: (681) 432-0601


By appointment only.