NAS Center

NAS Center

Phone: 304-523-5459

Babies born with NAS require specialized care. Our medical facility is designed to make them as comfortable as possible and provide individualized treatment plans to achieve this goal.
Lily’s Place stays up to date on nationally recognized, evidence-based practices and therapeutic handling techniques to care for infants who have been prenatally exposed to substances.

Who We Serve:

We serve infants who are with prenatal exposure to substances and the families of those infants.

Infant Care:

Infants are cared for with low staff-to-patient ratios in a low stimulus environment with an individualized plan that utilizes observational, therapeutic, and pharmacologic care.

Family Care:

Parents are encouraged to room-in during their infant’s stay and receive supportive services such as peer support and case management. Parents or guardians who do not room in are still eligible for these services. Supporting a healthy family environment for our infants is highly important to us.