Our History

How it all started…

Lily’s Place began in the heart of founders Rhonda Edmunds, Sara Murray, and Mary Calhoun Brown years before the doors opened in October 2014. Working and volunteering in the NICU, they saw the number of babies born with NAS increasing, and knew there had to be a better way to care for them. The bright lights, loud beeping equipment and busy atmosphere was the opposite of what babies with NAS need most. With tons of research, planning and support, the three got busy with plans for the nation’s first Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome center in the United States. 

Lily’s Place offers private rooms with a quiet atmosphere and dim lighting, which are best for babies with NAS who are sensitive to light and sound. We offer a low staff-to-patient ratio and visiting hours from 8am to 11pm, along with 24-hour security.  When the situation allows it, we encourage moms to room-in. 

Opening the doors to the first baby in 2014, Lily’s Place now is an 18-bed facility, focusing on helping infants through the withdrawal process, and helping create healthier families. 

We are proud to have served more than 350 babies and families. 

Where We Are Now…

We have since enlarged the circle we serve by expanding to include behavioral health and prevention services. In 2020 Lily’s Place added a second location, the Family Center. There we offer counseling, peer recovery support, case management and groups to the community. Our third location, the Children’s Center, opened in 2023 and provides counseling, case management, prevention services, mentorship, outreach activities and groups to children and youth through age 18.

What We are Working On…

Lily’s Place is excited to announce our plans for the Lily’s Place Residential Treatment program, expected to be completed in 2024! Here we will serve pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorder, and their children. Stay tuned for more!