Rebecca Crowder

Rebecca Crowder is the Executive Director of Lily’s Place. With over ten years of experience in recovery administration, she is responsible for overseeing the programs and strategic plan of Lily’s Place. Her extensive involvement in recovery administration includes experience in obtaining and managing foundation, state, and federal-level grants. Under her leadership, Lily’s Place has gained national recognition and was highlighted in First Lady Trump’s “Be Best” campaign. During this time, Lily’s Place has experienced exponential growth in its service provision. Rebecca plays a key role in national discussions and presentations that revolve around NAS, prenatal exposure, recovery programming, and prevention. Rebecca also works as a Developmental Specialist for the West Virginia Birth to Three program, where she has a unique insight to the needs of children who were prenatally exposed to substances. She uses this first-hand knowledge to improve the ways that Lily’s Place addresses prevention and early intervention in the fight against the substance use epidemic on our community. Rebecca is always working toward the return of a healthy community for her own children and for those that she serves.